Global Source One

Small business candidates are identified using a variety of resources, including, but not limited to:

Participation in Industry Day initiatives
Services of the Small Business Administration (SBA)
Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Database
National and local matchmaking sessions
National and local small business associations, web-sites, and publications
GSO Business Unit Potential Supplier Databases
Referrals from Government industry leaders Leadership

It is GSO's policy to ensure customer satisfaction by providing quality products and services and by applying mission success and total quality principles to continuously improve all business activities.

The first step to becoming an Approved Global Source One Supplier is to complete the Potential Supplier Profile. Additional information such as Company Brochures, Financial Statements or a Web Page Link will be attached or referenced in your Supplier Profile.


Consistent with our decentralized management structure, each Global Source One business unit is responsible for its own buying activity. The overriding objective of each procurement organization is to act as the contractual authority for the acquisition of goods and services that maximizes the strategic business goals of the Corporation.






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