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GSO has been utilizing its own Quality Management System which enables us and our supplier organizations to achieve the highest level of quality through the collection and organization of information, streamlining of business processes, and improved reporting.

The GSO quality software program is a 100% web based, highly configurable system designed to enable organizations to track, analyze, and report on quality management initiatives such as product defect tracking, supplier management, and corporate objectives.

Our Quality Management System has achieved the following results for our organization:

Centralized Information Portal
      A single, organization-wide system for all quality data management, information, and initiatives.

Automated Processes
      Automated tracking, management, and notification across multiple departments or locations.

Real-time Reporting
      Roll-up data in real-time to multiple management levels ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Progress Reports
      Access real-time compliance progress reports and corporate dashboards.

Document Control
      Track file revisions and approvals in a centralized file portal.

QMS Project Plan
      The GSO system comes pre-loaded with a quality management project plan.

Fluid Knowledge Transfer
      Share knowledge and best practices across locations, departments, and workgroups.

Safety Incident Reporting
      Ensure safety incidents are recorded accurately with web-based reporting forms.

Escalating Email Notification
      Send automated escalating email notifications to individual employees, workgroups,
      departments, or locations.

Multiple Security Levels
      Utilize multiple levels of security access.

      The GSO Safety Management System exceeds OHSAS 18001 & CSA Z1000 standard

Customized Implementation Plans
      Create an implementation schedule that fits with your company‚Äôs unique needs.

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