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3DX-Ray Ltd is a global market and technology leader in line-scan x-ray imaging systems for the security and industrial inspection markets. Our security systems combine high image quality with ease of use and competitive pricing. Portable, mobile and fixed systems are offered to meet a wide range of security x-ray inspection needs.

Our industrial systems help to ensure the integrity, quality and safety of products. We offer stand-alone units for batch and pilot plant processing and laboratory testing, and in-line systems which can be integrated into the production line to offer 100% inspection capability at full production line speeds.

5.11, Inc. creates superior products that enhance the safety, accuracy, speed and performance of law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals and sells these products under the registered trademarks, 5.11 Tactical. 5.11 Tactical Series, and other marks. Built on a foundation of durability, quality and value, 5.11, Inc. leads the industry in delivering functionally innovative gear, head to toe. Order the best-selling tactical clothing, uniforms, outerwear, footwear, eyewear, duty knives, tactical gear, holsters and more through their website.

Since 1950, ATLANCO has been one of the leading suppliers of personal equipment, material and uniforms to the military, law enforcement and public safety markets. Under the continued leadership of the Zaglin family, the founders of the company, ATLANCO has grown from a regional, Atlanta-based distributor of military surplus items, originally known as Atlanta Army Navy Supply Company. Eventually, the company has achieved its current status as a dynamic, pioneering market leader in the design and production of a wide variety of quality manufactured goods. To the many thousands of police, firefighters, EMTs and military personnel who use and depend on our products daily, the names ATLANCO and TRU-SPEC; have become synonymous with quality, innovation and service.

The Prowler LTATV from Phoenix International Systems' all terrain vehicle division is the only light tactical wheeled vehicle of its class that is purpose-built for the military, with its design and manufacture based on actual field recommendations and evaluation input from actual military operations. Prowlers offer unique advantages that overcome the severe limitations of generic recreational ATVs (including those "modified for military use") in terms of endurance, reliability, operator control and safety. While similar in size and appearance to a typical ATV, the Prowler RTV is completely different in operation, structural design and performance. Prowlers are faster, more rugged, reliable and stable, and can pull or carry greater payloGSO than any other ATV-type vehicle made or modified.

Blackhawk was founded in 1993 by former Navy SEAL Mike Noell. Blackhawk's meticulous obsession with quality has made it the ops gear of choice for Special Operation units worldwide. BLACKHAWK! Is a rapidly growing company that is recognized as the world leader in Designing, Manufacturing and Globally Distributing tactical and outdoor equipment Our corporate headquarters is located in Norfolk, VA, U.S.A. as well as several other sites. Quality and Innovation are paramount in our business and we intend to always push the limits of design and technology to the maximum.

Campbellsville Apparel is a cut and sew manufacturer of t-shirts, men's and boys' briefs, sweatshirts, and sweatpants. The Company purchases fabric and other supplies, such as labels, thread, packaging materials, and the like, from vendors located in the United States. These materials are shipped to the Campbellsville Apparel facility in Campbellsville, Kentucky, where the fabric is cut according to patterns and sewn into finished garments, packaged, and loaded onto trailers for truckload shipments, or picked up by UPS.

Campbellsville Apparel is a major supplier to the U.S. Department of Defense, providing undershirts and briefs to all branches of the U.S. military through contracts with the Defense Logistics Agency. Sweatshirts and sweatpants are supplied to the U.S. Marine Corps under the same kind of contract. The Company has done developmental work for the military on new fabrics, new patterns, and new color shades. Campbellsville Apparel also does commercial and private label manufacturing.

Over 20 years of experience Campbell Window Tinting has the knowledge and tools to handle the most challenging installations. With so many different manufacturers of window film, choosing the best film for your needs can be confusing. Campbell Window Tinting has done the homework for you. We have spent countless hours reviewing and comparing technical and warranty data to bring you the best products from the world's top manufacturers. Campbell Window Tinting is a full service window film dealer.

Conquest Vehicles Inc., specializes in the design and manufacturing of ultra-luxurious, fully armoured, handcrafted sport utility vehicles. The company, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, is comprised of the automotive industry's most respected talent whose award-winning experience in engineering, fabrication, design, armouring and customization combine to create one-of-a-kind SUVs unrivaled and unmatched in today's automotive marketplace.

With the introduction of the KNIGHT XV, the company's first ultra-luxurious, fully armoured, environmentally-respectful handcrafted SUV, Conquest Vehicles Inc., is setting a new benchmark in the global ultra-luxury SUV marketplace. Conquest Vehicles Inc., also provides auto customization and after-market design for luxury vehicles. The Conquest Vehicles design philosophy is not simple. Rather, we believe that simplicity cannot describe our final product or how we build it. Our design philosophy is to create the most innovative, secured, handcrafted ultra-luxurious and environmentally respectful SUV without compromise.

Cooper Interconnect combines the superior products and services of Crouse-Hinds Molded Products, G&H Technology, and WPI Interconnect Products to offer a full portfolio of connector and cable assembly solutions.

With globally integrated manufacturing facilities, Cooper Interconnect provides solutions from concept design, prototyping, to the finished product. Whatever your interconnect need, Cooper Interconnect is your engineered-solutions provider.

Engineered portable structures and tents for worldwide events. We design, engineer, manufacture, and install Qwiktrac, Fast rack, Shasta Peak, Quick-Span, Acadaspan, and Shasta Shelters, which are modular and portable, integrating aluminum frame and tensioned fabric into a sleek structure with a complete line of accessories: clear span, engineered-all weather conditions, portable\Re-locatable, service worldwide, lightweight, small shipping cube, quick installation ,temporary\permanent. Creative Tent International offers many accessories and upgrades for your tent.

Dependable Global Express, Inc. (dba "DGX") has grown to become one of the leading neutral non vessel operating common carriers ("NVOCC") currently serving all global destinations. We believe that this growth is attributable to our constant commitment to service. A professional staff dedicated to providing the kind of service that our customers demand, and the strength provided by our position in the industry, help make DGX the best choice to service your needs.

Management's philosophy has always been to provide a premium quality service, at competitive rates. Accordingly, we have responded and will continue to respond to our customers needs, and have increased the value of our service through quality enhancement and solution oriented action.

An Aramark Company Galls, the Authority in Public Safety Equipment and Apparel is your one-stop source for quality, in-stock military and federal equipment and apparel, plus we're on the GSA Schedule. We carry the latest in military equipment, BDUs and military boots, plus more! With our award-winning catalog, convenient online ordering and dedicated sales reps, you can trust Galls to be a dependable partner for all of you essential military uniform and equipment needs.

Pilot Uniforms, flight suits, flight jackets, leather jackets, boots, and accessories. Flight Suits is America's largest manufacturer of high-quality, made-to-order, flight suits, uniforms, leather jackets, and flying helmets for aviation, emergency medicine, and law enforcement. In the last 22 years we have outfitted more pilots, police officers, and EMS personnel than anyone else. Over 35,000 customers in extreme occupations use our products daily to do their jobs. We manufacture our products in our own 20,000 square-foot factory in El Cajon, California so you can have exactly what you want. Our specialties include, but are not limited to Uniforms, Military uniforms, Police, Emergency Medicine, Leather Jackets, Flying Helmets.

Grainger helps customers save time and money by providing them the right products to keep their facilities up and running. Grainger's customers are 1.8 million businesses and institutions in 153 countries. While each customer has a unique facility to operate and a different problem to solve, our customers all share the same requirement: when they need one of Grainger's products, they often need it right away.

With more than 18,000 knowledgeable employees, the Grainger team works closely with customers to better understand their challenges and provide cost-saving solutions. Grainger's employees serve customers more than 115,000 times every day through multiple channels. With 2009 sales of $6.2 billion, Grainger is a Fortune 500 company and a perennial member of Fortune magazine's Most Admired Companies list.

International Stability Solutions (ISS) is a US Marine owned and operated company specializing in the procurement of Military/Law Enforcement equipment and training. We have consolidated multiple tasks often carried out by numerous departments within your agency or military unit. Our team will take the tedious time consuming process of procurement and logistics, and simplify it to meet your operational needs. We have vetted and contracted with only the most reputable manufacturers to provide the very best in quality and value. Our Mission is to ensure that your team, unit, or agency has the essential equipment, weapons, munitions, and training needed in order to achieve operational success and mission accomplishment.

Jordan Airmotive has, through the years, built a solid reputation for quality workmanship, reliability, and technical expertise at competitive costs. These factors alone would seem to suffice in giving us the edge over our competitors.

However, what sets Jordan Airmotive a part from others is Flexibility. We can accommodate many Customers at the same time. A long wait is avoided on the part of the Customer. A 24-hour notification is acceptable to us, without any increase in the normal overhaul charge. Additionally, Jordan Airmotive offers full support, not only at its facilities site at Amman, but also at out-stations according to customer needs.

Kipper Tool is an American Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) working to meet all of your needs. We are proud of our commitment to provide industrial quality tools to all types of business, industrial, and government agencies. Kipper Tool offers a complete range of services for purchasing and procurement. We specialize in the configuration, assemblage and management of tool systems, sets and kits that promise to increase your productivity, efficiency and standardization. We specialize in finding and solving your entire tool, SKO, and special equipment needs.

Quality innovation is truly rare and yet it is the foundation on which all Leatherman products are manufactured. At Leatherman our founder stamps his name on every product so quality is a given and integrity in all our relationships, employee, customer, supplier, and community a must. Genuine Leatherman accessories are designed to look great and really last. Depending on which Leatherman you own, you may have options for the rugged, stylish transport of your product that you didn't even know existed. We also offer pruners, extra-large tools, full-size tools, pocket tools, keychain tools, tool adapters, and retired tools.

L.A. Police Gear, Inc. was founded by Los Angeles area Police Officers. The business has grown and changed greatly over the years and now serves the general public, military personnel, security professionals, and of course police officers. Here at L.A. Police Gear, Inc., we proudly brand ourselves on extremely fast shipping, low prices, and outstanding service. We are factory-authorized dealers for most of the brands you see on our web site. We take great joy in helping people get the gear they want and need.

Since 1969, Major Surplus & Survival has dedicated itself to providing our customers with the highest quality outdoor, military, tactical, and survival gear. Our commitment to you, our valued customer, is complete satisfaction through our Customer Service, Quality Products, and Low Prices. With our vast assortment of products, Major Surplus & Survival is able to fill any outdoor, military, tactical, and survival need. Our affordable line of high quality Mil-Spec Plus and Voodoo brand products are currently in service with Homeland Security, Law Enforcement Agencies, U.S. Military, Metropolitan SWAT Teams, and other agencies. Our mission is to continue our history of product excellence while providing the highest-quality and most reliable products to our customers. We hope you enjoy our products and service as much as we enjoy making them available to you.

Mobile-Shop Company, LLC, is a Columbus, OH, based company formed in October of 2004 with the purpose of producing, marketing, selling and servicing its exclusive suite of products and services known as the Mobile-Shop System; the key component of which is the Mobile-Shop tool and parts organizer. The Mobile-Shop tool organizer is an incredibly useful, patented tool and parts organizing device that greatly increases the productivity, responsibility and professionalism of property maintenance and construction personnel. The Mobile-Shop System was originally developed by one of Mobile-Shop Company's founders out of a desire to solve serious and costly problems in his property management business. As far as we are able to determine, the Mobile-Shop System is entirely unique.

Manufacturer of sophisticated safety products designed to protect people throughout the world. Sophisticated safety products typically integrate any combination of electronics, mechanical systems and advanced materials to protect users against hazardous or life-threatening situations. There are three business segments -MSA North America, MSA Europe and MSA International - the company provides a comprehensive line of products used by workers in the fire service, homeland security, law enforcement, construction, oil and gas, chemical and other industries, as well as the military.

Night Galaxy, Inc. is one of the largest retailers of optical observation devices to military, law enforcement and general consumer market. Our business is rapidly expanding due to the competitive pricing model and extensive line of quality products for every purpose and budget.

Our client list consists of U.S. Government and Federal Agencies who actively purchase from us including the Department of State, Department of Defense, NASA, US Air Force, US Navy, US Army, US Marines, National Guard, US Coast Guard, EPA, FAA, FBI, US Marshals, Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Departments, Search and Rescue Units, US Department of Transportation, US Border Patrol, USDA Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, US Fish and Wildlife, National Park Service, and many others.

The Otis Technology Breech-to-Muzzle Cleaning System is widely regarded by experts as the most advanced gun cleaning system in the world. It offers many gun cleaning advancements and refinements developed for the military and competitive marksmen and hunters. By cleaning Breech-to-Muzzle, dirt and fouling is pulled out the muzzle, not pushed back into the action gumming the trigger or causing malfunctions. The patented all-caliber patches not only provide up to six passes per patch, but form a perfectly circular cleaning swab. Because the slotted tip with the patch is pulled through the chamber, it doesn't compress the patch against the side of the rod.

The principle components of the Otis System are so well built that they have a lifetime warranty! The circular all-caliber patches are made of 100% cotton, and unlike cheap synthetic patches are not dissolved by the bore solvent, turning into plastic gunk left on the rifling. The tight weave of these patches actually pulls metallic copper flake buildup out of the grooves rather than leaving fibers embedded along the bore. The SupraTine brushes are custom made with more and finer bristles than lesser brands. The belt-pack cases are made of ballistic nylon, with heavy-duty zippers. The Bore Obstruction Removers are designed to avoid deforming a stuck bullet and will gently force it out of the bore with multiple taps from the Memory-Flex rod. The Memory-Flex rod is nylon coated aircraft grade cable with compression welded fittings that will support over a quarter ton of pull force!

General purpose downlights are designed for the construction, performance, and cost requirements of residential and light commercial application. The product line comprises a wide range of frame-in kits and interchangeable reflectors, which together provide numerous lighting effects. Simple installation in diverse conditions, combined with self-trimmed optics and regressed lamps, produces a clean-looking ceiling without glare or light leaks.

Over the last 20 years, we've built a reputation as a superior manufacturer of LE training gear who understands the importance of blunt trauma protection. DT Trainers rely on this protection to prepare officers for duty. At Redman, we thrive on innovation. We partner with law enforcement, corrections personnel and other industry leaders to give us feedback on our gear. Redman offers comprehensive law enforcement product line for: Training in a safe dynamic, reality-based integrated use-of-force defensive tactics simulations, including lethal force scenarios with Simonton FX Marking Cartridges Active duty cell extractions and other correctional facility disturbances, Active duty public crowd control, and riot situations We have set standards of product and usage safety and innovation, by which competing products are measured.

ROTHCO is America's foremost wholesale supplier of military and outdoor products. They carry an extensive line of apparel and gear available for domestic and overseas sale to resellers of all types: retail, wholesale, military, police, security, outdoor products, screen printers, uniform dealers, fashion retailers, and sportswear shops.

For nearly 50 years they've primarily serviced independently-owned Army/Navy surplus stores across America, but in recent years ROTHCO has expanded our customer and product range to include new lines of sportswear and over 25% of their sales are now to overseas customers.

The Royal Jordanian Air Academy, proudly present our students with the best aviation technologies and education environment to help them achieve their goals.

At Royal Jordanian Air Academy, we utilize some of the most advanced training aircraft available. As opposed to learning with an older fleet of aircraft, Royal Jordanian Air Academy utilizes new airplanes that keep up with the technology of the 21st century.

Formed as a leading provider of high-end ruggedized notebook computers and related electronic equipment. Rugged Notebooks' established itself as a dominant supplier of ruggedized notebooks by focusing on those market segments demanding portable platforms providing superior performance, quality and expandability. Rugged Notebooks' business model is centered on serving the needs of sophisticated users who require a portable platform on which to run complex, mission critical applications. Rugged Notebooks' ability to meet the performance expectations of the market interms of enhancing processing power, video display and overall system reliability is a constant goal for the company. Our Product line is Weather-Proof, full function high performance. Total quality management is Rugged Notebooks' number one priority. Our quality assurance systems meet all applicable government, military and industrial standards.

Super Seer manufactures goggles and face shields for the Motorcycle and Snowmobile Industry under the Super Seer brand as well as private label for OEM's such as Polaris, Arctic Cat, Harley-Davidson and many others. Additionally, Super Seer is the premier manufacturer of helmets for all Law Enforcement requirements including motorcycle, general duty, riot, correctional, and mounted applications.

Simulator Systems International, Inc. offers advanced technology for simulation, robotic and pipe inspection systems. Our entire product line integrates robust hardware and innovative software to provide you with the most complete and cost-effective simulators,robotics and pipe inspection systems available. Our testing and training software offers the best in computer-based training techniques coupled with comprehensive curriculum. Our thoughtfully produced products combine advanced technology with years of experience.

The Sprung structure is an innovative reloadable building alternative designed for diverse semi-permanent and permanent needs throughout North America and in over 90 countries worldwide. Sprung Structures offers versatile building alternatives. Sprung is the company that thrives through innovation and reliability by providing a highly versatile alternative to conventional construction, complete flexibility for our customers through a dramatically reduced construction time line, finance options, and future relocatability. Sprung structures offer quality and service which surpasses our customer's expectations through the supply of leading edge technology.

To be the premier supplier of tactical and ballistic equipment worldwide. To this end, the team at SRT works diligently to provide a reliable, affordable, one-stop-shop solution for all Law Enforcement, Military and related agencies and professionals. We feature products, apparel, armor, bags/packs, cases, duty equipment, ear protection, eyewear, field gear, firearm accessories, firearms, foot wear, gloves, hydration, Illumination, knives, lasers, less lethal, NBC protection, night vision, optics, Srt products, tactical/rescue, thermal imaging and training. With over 75% of the SRT team possessing a law enforcement or military background, there is extraordinary product expertise, ability to relate, and passion for the markets served.

We at Tact Squad are proud to say that our uniforms are among the most highly desirable consumer goods in the public safety and security market. We have gone to great lengths to provide you, the customer, with products that are of the highest quality at the most affordable prices.

Tact Squad is a privately held company that owns and operates its own mills and manufacturing plants. Having direct control over the quality and workmanship of its products gives Tact Squad a distinct advantage over its competitors.

We at Tact Squad continue to focus on the research and development of new and innovative fabrics and treatments that will enhance our product line and ensure that our customers are receiving the best uniforms available.

Tactical Products Group is a manufacturer and distributor of items used by law enforcement, military and private security professionals around the world. Located in Delray Beach, Florida the Company distributes products from over 350 of the world's best brands. The Company also manufactures the Tacprogear line of products which offers a complete selection of nylon slings, pockets and pouches, vests, flashlights and more. Was founded to service the equipment needs of the military, law enforcement, and private security professionals around the world. Over the years we have evolved into a full service distributor, retailer, wholesaler, and manufacturer and a variety of tactical products including hard and soft armor, clothing, slings, pockets and pouches, goggles, flashlights, and much more.

Technology Dynamics, Inc. (TDI) is a privately owned company. We have a strong focus on providing Power Conversion Solutions for the most demanding applications and customers. By utilizing our comprehensive line of standardized products we are able to provide modified and custom solutions to solve the most vexing application issues. In 1990, TDI acquired both Nova Electric and Mid Eastern Industries. Each company had very specific niches and technical leadership positions in the power conversion field for many years prior to the acquisition. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, Technology Dynamics Inc. has the ability to control all aspects of our products in house. We provide custom engineering for the design and packaging of our products through the modification or custom design of PC boards, transformers, and sheet metal. While many companies offer consumer products "modified" or "ruggedized" for certain applications, TDI's products are designed from inception for harsh environment Commercial, Industrial, and Military applications. We have unique highly reliable products with high power in small packages and features such as: Redundancy, Battery Backup, and Low Voltage Battery Disconnect.

Since the first soldiers turned to U.S. Cavalry 30 years ago, our horizons have expanded, yet our focus remains on outfitting the individuals who defend our liberties at home and abroad. We owe our existence to you and remain dedicated to supporting your efforts. From everyday gear to information, training and specialized equipment - fulfilling your unique needs continues to be the reason U.S. Cavalry is in business.

These are air-conditioned portable restroom trailers and showers available in a variety of sizes. You no longer have to settle for uncomfortable unsanitary stationary portable toilets. The Comfort Elite product line addresses the need for up scaled facilities where traditional portable toilets fall short of customer needs. These units are self contained to over 700 flushes on the basic unit. They can be pumped or connected to sewer taps for unlimited use. In view of increasing governmental restrictions and an ever growing concern for public hygiene the time has come for improved portable facilities. Comfort Elite portable rest rooms and showers are a logical and economical solution to the evolution an expansion of the portable sanitation industry. All of these modular units are constructed with user serviceable interchangeable parts. Wells Cargo C.O.G. is a customer oriented company looking forward to serving your mobile sanitation needs well into the new millennium. We strive to meet the mobile needs of the portable sanitation industry.












































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