Global Source One

GSO recognize its responsibilities to the people it employs, its customers and suppliers, the wider community and to the environment. Compliance is a critical part of our quality management system and something GSO takes extreme pride in. We are a well-managed, responsible and ethical company and are determined to be widely recognized for our world-class technology, the skills of our people and the seriousness with which we take our corporate responsibilities.

Corporate responsibility (CR) in GSO is about good business practice and continual improvement. Our CR framework has been developed through analysis of key stakeholder interest and feedback, potential risk to our business and the extension and evaluation of existing practices.

Corporate responsibility supports delivery of the business strategy and values by:

Helping us get the most from our workforce by providing workplace training and good industrial
Forming trusting relationships with our customers, investors, local communities and suppliers
      the people who influence our business.
Ensuring we attract talented people in the future through our support for education in engineering
      and science.



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