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As we continue to grow GSO has expanded its Business Boundaries in support of our troops and bases in the Middle East. To centralize this business development activity, GSO established its 3rd regional office in The State of Kuwait. This office deals directly with two main clients in the region: U.S. Military Bases covering CENTCOM and local Kuwaiti Government MOI and MOD.

Accomplishments in Kuwait

Established GSO office in Kuwait.
Registered GSO in Kuwait.
Developed show room with the latest military and law enforcement products and services, dealing
      mainly with ADS Inc., under agreement.
Developed Arabic and English catalogs for our clients.
Hired local staff consisting of both U.S. and retired Kuwaiti Air Force personnel.
Have made periodic visits to our clients and directed RFP's/RFQ's to our GSO office in Kuwait.

Existing GSO Projects In Work:

KAF Pilot Training Program
U.S. Army vehicle Lease IDIQ
Kuwait MOD (multiple) Military Construction Projects
Aircraft Hangers
Modular structures ( housing, office and commercial)
Camp Arafjan Power Generation.

Our Partners and Associates:

Sprung Structures
Spartan Aeronautical College
USS Cal Builders
Al-Ghanim Group



Due to popular demand and shift in economy and business area in the Middle East, we at Global Source One have created the idea of moving the exposition/ symposium world to the Middle East where every US manufacture and Company will have an opportunity to display and present their state of the art products and services in the region.

The security requirements based on this time and age is increasing tremendously in the region. Based on this fact the need for a local company that can fulfill the law enforcement/riot gear/security systems and services is becoming a MUST HAVE in an expedited manner. The approach we're taking is to link our existing elite cliental/vendors from the US with our Armed Forces and friendly Government Ministries of defense, ministries of interior (MOD/ MOI) in the Middle East & North Africa MENA.) This task is simply done by placing a permanent displays/show room in the region. Our customers' requirements can easily be fulfilled on the spot without the travel and negotiation with vendors. We at GSO will provide the best quality US made equipment to our troops and allies onsite, where it is needed the most.

GSO Show Rooms is completed by administrative/Sales offices. All calls and visits from clients/customers throughout the region will be entering this show room. The show room will not be open for the public. Only authorized personnel, law enforcement officers, US government personnel are authorized to visit and test/inspect products samples. See below Photos and Videos of GSO Show Room.


Arabic Catalog GSO

Furthermore, GSO has developed an Arabic Catalog in addition to Various English Catalogs. These catalogs will be available at the show room and can be given to our clients free of charge. The Arabic catalog gathers many products manufactured/provided by multiple companies here in the US. Advantages: This is ideal for non English speaking customers and allies especially in the M.E. They will have this catalog at their disposal, in their own language. Purchasing departments where Arabic speaking officers are stationed will find it much easier to understand the product description, therefore making it much easier to order.

Additional products and Services from various companies within the US are added on monthly basis to GSO ARABIC CATALOG. GSO has the responsibility and the sole custodian of the Arabic catalog, therefore, we translate all English wording into Arabic. The participating US companies provide Images, literature, specifications/ information to be presented in this catalog. This catalog will be updated on semiannual basis and will be displayed in the show room in the Middle East.


Military Product Samples

GSO has developed an excellent relationship with U.S. Prime Manufacturers and producers/contractors within this industry. ADS is one of the most powerful partners we currently have and represent in Kuwait. Under ADS alone we have an access to over 1,200 U.S. Manufacturers and Service providers. This JV with ADS has been based on previous successful contracts execution with U.S. Government agencies and contracts.


GSO Advantages

Close APPROXIMITY TO Iraq, Afghanistan, Central command and US local bases scattered throughout the
      region. All US troops and Contracting officers CAN CERTAINLY USE THIS AS AN R&R DESTINATION
      combined by getting their requirements fulfilled. Utilization of Egypt's ancient history, sites, and relaxation
      while getting the job done.
All displays is permanent not temporary as annual shows & exhibitions has to offer. Most advantages to
      US manufacturers to have their products right there and then when required. The customer/clients feel,
      touch and inspect first hand vs. looking at website or brochures.
Customers will make their orders on the spots after inspecting the merchandize in person.
All participating companies will have the advantage of doing business real time and in person utilizing our
      offices and Show Room. All companies can meet up with the end user/customers GSO offices, conference
      rooms and facilities when needed.
Arabic catalog, and Arabic speaking Reps (Bi-Lingual Staff) on the ground where needed the most.



GSO Kuwait Video Gallery

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Global Source One International Kuwait Videos



Global Source One International Kuwait Videos



Global Source One International Kuwait Videos



Global Source One International Kuwait Videos



Global Source One International Kuwait Videos



Global Source One International Kuwait Videos






GSO Kuwait Photo Gallery


Global Source One International MOD Client



Al-Ghanim Vehicle Lease Team



Photo with GSO and Kuwait Base Commanders



GSO Office Meeting in Kuwait



GSO Partners in Kuwait



MOD Allied Defense Systems (ADS) RRC Photo #1



MOD Allied Defense Systems (ADS) RRC Photo #2



GSO Dinner at Sheikh Subah Restaurant in Kuwait



MOD Allied Defense Systems (ADS) RRC Photo #3



MOD Allied Defense Systems (ADS) RRC Photo #4



MOD Allied Defense Systems (ADS) RRC Photo #5



MOD Allied Defense Systems (ADS) RRC Photo #6



GSO Conference Room



ADS and GSO Kuwait Team



GSO Office in Kuwait





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