Global Source One, Inc.
Allies and U.S. Government Organizations
GSO is committed to bridging the gap between State-Of-The-Art Manufacturers, the United
States Government, and Law Enforcement Agencies utilizing advanced marketing tools and
strategies in conjunction with our extensive government contracting experience. GSO is
committed to becoming our customer's premier choice and all-in-one source company.

GSO is a holding company for multiple conglomerate companies under one roof. We provide
extensive government contracting and consulting experience that combines 100+ years expertise
in military, security, and law enforcement, with an impressive 40+ contracts with the United
States Government and allies worldwide.

GSO is a prime contractor providing state-of-the-art products and services utilizing manufacturers
and partners in the business through the bid, proposal, and government contracting process.

GSO is comprised of veterans, experienced personnel, and seasoned executive board members.
This, complemented by the finest industrial partners, allows us to be well positioned to respond to
RFPs, RFQs, and meet the end user requirements on time and on budget, in a premier single
source that continuously meets your objectives.

GSO offers experienced staff in conjunction with extensive methods and techniques to successfully
land and execute the government contracts with which many other companies face challenges. Our
vendors & partners are hand selected based on past performance, accurate deliveries, & technical
abilities that go above and beyond industry standards.

  Exclusive marketing tools via direct contracting with the government.
  Our exclusive government step by step contracting process per FAR and ITAR guidelines
  Government contracting and consulting services
  Business development- bids and proposals
  Direct link to government requirements worldwide
  Direct contracting with existing contracting offices worldwide
  Maximum exposure for your products and services
  Project management and contract administration
  Government financial and accounting analysis, audits, and counseling
  Development of Cost Accounting Standards (CAS)

  State-of the Art Systems

  State-of-the-art- systems
  Aviation requirements
  Military Construction
  Equipment & Supplies
  Base Camp Support

  Technical personnel- cleared and
        deployable worldwide
  Communications, Command, and Control
  Global Logistics
  Program Management (SPO/SAF/IA)
  120+ vendors and partners

  FMS Consulting
  Aircraft Acquisition (FMS, DCS, or Leasing)
  Aircraft Maintenance and Logistics
  Aircraft upgrades (Avionics, Engines, EW,
        and armament)
  Security & Armor systems, products, and
  Electronic Warfare (EW) training
  Physiological/ Medical Training and Pilot





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